Kirkland Sleep Aid FAQ

Q: How can you sell products at these prices including postage?

A: We purchase our products in bulk directly from the manufacturer. You are guaranteed to receive only the freshest supply available. We do not sell expired or old items!  As we purchase and ship in huge volumes we are guaranteed not only great delivery prices put excellent delivery times.  Additionally we keep our overheads and costs to a minimum including staff costs.  Therefore our customer contact methods are limited to email only, and we respond as soon as we can.

Q: From what country are your items shipped? Will I have to pay VAT, Duties, or Taxes?

A: For all international orders all of our products are shipped from the US via Airmail. You will not have to pay VAT, Duties, or Taxes on any items. You are able to purchase any item in reasonable quantity for personal use, and we ship the item as a gift, whose true value is below £30. Care is taken to make the package discreet. We make no reference to vitamins etc or bear the return address or full company name on the outside of the package.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my package?

A: Our products are shipped via Airmail within 24 hours of payment. Delivery time averages from 3 to 5 working days for purchases via the recurring  and one off purchase options.  However the postal service does sometimes have delays in which the shipments can take longer for delivery, for example during Christmas time or due to issues such as Covid 19. Please contact us and we will track down any package which are beyond the normal delivery times.


Q: Why are the recurring prices cheaper than via the One off purchase option?

A: Quite simply, we reward our long term regular customers for their repeated business and loyalty.  Additionally as we know when and how many tubs our recurring customers want, this helps us manage our order process so we are more efficient and effective.  We simply pass on all these savings to our customers.

Q: Why don’t i simply purchase via the “Recurring” option then immediately cancel the recurring element so i get my first order cheaper?

A: We feel this is not what the recurring discount is all about and we therefore simply blacklist customers who take this approach so they cannot buy from us ever again.  Such potential customer behaviour is a short term approach as they will never be able to source from us or our fair reaching related sales outlets and suppliers ever again.

Q: How can we get in touch with you if i have any further questions?

A: The most effective way for customers to reach us is by email. Our email account is checked several times a day. Please direct questions to:



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